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Crèdit Andorrà launches Merkaat, the first digital investment advisor

Crèdit Andorrà has launched Merkaat, Andorra’s first digital investment advisor. It will provide a new service that combines technology and innovation with the bank’s advisory services. This innovative service, accessible from the online e-Crèdit service, gives clients a totally digital experience, adapts to new financial habits and is now available to new client segments.

Merkaat is a digital service that allows clients to completely manage their investments: they are given customised advice, are presented with investment proposals based on their risk profile and preferences, as well as being able to instantly execute buy and sell orders for investment funds in the custody of Crèdit Andorrà. Users can have full control of their investments from Merkaat.

Merkaat delivers hybrid digital advice. On the one hand, it incorporates the advantages and efficiency of automated services in the digital age; whilst on the other hand it has a team of experts to help clients take decisions related to their investments by providing qualitative information and technical guidelines on recommended sales and purchases.

Merkaat stands out from the rest of automated platforms in that it has a team of experts behind it that is constantly tracking clients’ portfolios, and because it draws up investment proposals for Crèdit Andorrà clients based on a selection of totally customisable boutique funds from the perspective of an open architecture, whereby the best investment criteria are weighed up and fund managers independently analysed.

Merkaat has advanced security technology and is user-friendly so that the platform is an easy tool to use, secure for clients and scalable.

This service falls within the framework of the digital transformation in which Crèdit Andorrà is currently involved to innovate its channels and improve its customer service.

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