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Entrepreneurship and innovation

In a constantly evolving context, the spirit of entrepreneurship
has a fundamental value in Creand’s strategic challenges through
a universal banking model, based on innovation, quality, inclusion
and specialisation.

What does Scale Lab Andorra allow?

Combining advisory and financing actions to help participating companies identify and implement an appropriate growth strategy.
Simplifying potentially getting established in Andorra through professional support and personal services.
Making the most of the differential advantages for professionals, companies and investors that Andorra offers as a country.

SIO Strategic Investment Opportunities
Sicav – Scale Lab.

As part of Scale Lab, Creand offers its clients the opportunity to invest in innovative companies with high growth potential through a financial product, the sub-fund SIO Strategic Investment Opportunities Sicav – Scale Lab.

and investment

Sources of financing
and the role of banking.

Impact of entrepreneurship on the economy

Impact of entrepreneurship
on the economy and measures to
the promotion of companies.

New trends in entrepreneurship and forms of financing

With a special emphasis on new technologies in forms of financing.

Tourism, trade and
entrepreneurial projects

To drive economic activity.

Social impact of entrepreneurship

Social impact of entrepreneurship in Andorra.

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