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Creand Crèdit Andorrà launches the new Creand Online Banking app

The bank’s new, more agile, intuitive and personalisable online banking service.

An app offering a vastly improved user experience.

Creand Crèdit Andorrà has launched a new online banking app. Creand Online Banking offers a mobile-first digital channel for operations and interaction. It features a more agile, intuitive and personalisable interface to make every day financial transactions easier. From today, the new app is available to download on iOS and Android platforms.

The Creand Online Banking app, with a brand new technological infrastructure, provides a high level of digital performance and a unique user experience.

Among the main new features of the application is the new transaction validation system. An evolution to a much more robust and secure system, which will allow users with active biometrics to validate transactions with their face ID or fingerprint.

Another of the major upgrades is the level of personalisation that the app offers, as it allows customers to organise their online banking according to their preferences and use convenient shortcuts to their frequent operations. It also makes it possible for users to keep track of the different financial instruments or items that they have marked as favourites. This allows transactions to be carried out in just a few taps and much more intuitively, such as by using the ‘Perform Operations’ and ‘Bizum’ shortcuts. This initiative, together with a new system of push notifications—such as the notification of salary payments, transfer receipt or ATM withdrawal—gives customers maximum control over their finances.

Users of the Creand Online Banking app will enjoy improvements in the channels for interacting with the bank, with an updated module for “My Manager” and a mailbox for correspondence, notifications, and reports and important documents.

In the markets section, the functionalities have been extended to allow the user to view investments and keep up to date with developments. In addition, the new service includes a display of upcoming dividend payouts, improved coverage of daily global economic news and the possibility of accessing advanced charts for research on the securities being covered.

The app boasts a new information infrastructure and improvements in terms of browsing and usability. It features a clean, elegant and accessible design, and fully intuitive operation.

Sandra Sancho, head of Online Banking and New Channels at Creand Crèdit Andorrà explained that “as a pioneering bank in digital services, we have launched a ground-breaking mobile-first online banking solution that makes it easier to manage your finances. We have strived to make online banking for everyone, based on usability and security, cornerstones for offering a differential service. At Creand Crèdit Andorrà we are working on the systemic digital transformation of the business and we are committed to continuing to offer specialised products and services aimed at the customer and improving their experience”.

The new Creand Online Banking app is now available for private customers to access, with intuitive and easy download. It will soon also be available for customers with business functionalities and professionals.

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