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Proximity, trust and social commitment

Our vocation for service has defined and guided us throughout our sound track record

Our mission

“Contributing to the economic development of shareholders, customers and employees, and to the progress of society“

We are committed to personalised value propositions and innovative quality solutions that allow us to:

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  • Grow as a financial group
  • Ensure social well-being
  • Enhance the financial well-being of our customers
  • Contribute to creating a resilient economic fabric
  • Collaborate in economic and social progress


Commitment to transparency is a key value for Creand. This area brings you Creand’s news and all the latest from the bank.
25 Sep 2023
1 min
Aránzazu Griñán, new Assistant General Manager and head of the Business Division at Creand Wealth Management
25 Sep 2023
1 min
Fed pressures the market
21 Sep 2023
3 min
Knowing how to interpret the data we generate creates value

43.04 M€

Profit for the year

25,001 M€

Total business volume



2.86 M€

Global investment in sustainability
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