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Teens Creand, the first pack of banking products and services for young people aged 12 to 17

Creand Crèdit Andorrà gives young people access to a range of products and services adapted to their needs: current account, online banking, a card and Bizum.

All this under parental control and supervision but allowing the child autonomy to enter into the world of finance in a responsible and safe way.

Creand Crèdit Andorrà launches the first banking products and services pack aimed at young people aged 12 to 17 in Andorra. The ‘Teens Creand’ package allows young people to use a current account, online banking, a Visa debit card and the Bizum service free of charge and without fees, adapted to their needs and under parental control and supervision. It is the parents or legal guardians who must formalise the contract and decide which of the products they wish to activate, with the current account and online banking comprising the basic package.

The operations included in the young people’s package allow users to consult the movements and details of the current account and the card linked to the service, as well as the Bizum transactions carried out. It also lets users send, receive and request money through Bizum, and make online purchases, if their parents or guardians have opted for this. With regard to usage, specific and reduced limits have been established which, in the case of the debit card, parents or legal guardians may extend as and when they deem it appropriate. The main features of the offer also include the possibility of making free cash withdrawals with the card at ATMs outside Andorra, travel insurance at no additional cost and the possibility of making deposits at any ATM or terminal.

The parental control will enable the child’s parents or guardians to monitor account movements through their online banking and receive SMS notifications generated by the child’s activity. They will also be able to request the cancellation of the service or any of the products at any time.

The bank aims to offer families the possibility to introduce young people to the world of finance by empowering them to manage it responsibly and safely, and to start working on their financial literacy while becoming familiar with basic finances.

Creand Crèdit Andorrà is the first bank in the country to offer a package of products and services adapted to young people in this age range under parental control and supervision. With this proposal, Creand covers all age segments and continues to work on creating an offer that meets new customer needs. It also promotes activities with the goal of facilitating tools, knowledge and experiences to people in order to help them make financial decisions. In this case, the bank stands alongside young people to encourage the habit of saving and to help them learn to manage their finances responsibly.

More info at teenscreand.ad

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